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About me

I received my B.Tech (in 2013), joint M.Tech and Phd degrees (in 2020) in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, India. My Ph.D. thesis was titled “Neural Networks based Optimal Learning and Filtering schemes for EEG Reaction-Time Prediction Brain-Computer Interfaces”, and my M.Tech thesis was titled as Learning and Divergence based approaches for drowsiness detection.

Research interests: Machine learning, Brain Computer Interfaces,EEG Signal Processing


I am focusing mainly on the following areas:

  • Machine learning for EEG signal processing
  • Event Related Potentials
  • Therapeutic applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare
  • Neuro-ergonomics

Research Experience (most recent):

2022 May :
- participated with Elham baradari (Iran) in the Hackathon held at Spring school for BCI. We worked on the real locked in patients ECG data and developed compact machine learning models in the 4 hour hackathon duration.
- Faculty Initiation Grant proposal submitted by me to SRIC IIT Roorkee got accepted for funds release.
- I delivered a keynote lecture on the topic “Assistive Robots in Brain Computer Interfaces” in the 3-day workshop “Workshop on Healthcare Robotics and Drone Applications” held from May 27 - 29, 2022 to bring together experts from both academia and industry at IIT Mandi/
- Please visit the workshop website for: [Registration, Schedule, and Other information](
2022 April :
- 2022 SATU Joint Research Scheme Co-PI Application of mine got accepted for matching grant with Taipei Medical Medical University
2022 March :
-I have submitted my SERB startup grant and FIG grant proposals at DST and SRIC IIT Roorkee.
- I have delivered an institute talk at IIT Mandi on “Challenges and considerations for Machine Learning in Brain-Computer Interfaces”
– I am an Advisory Board member of the Department of Information Technology at the Inderprastha Engineering College
2022 February :
- Dr. Tharun delivered a talk on “Advanced sensors and ML for Brain-machine interfaces” AICTE - AU - Short Term Training Programme on “Data Science Applied to Measurement and Control” organized by the Department of Instrumentation Engineering, MIT Campus, Anna University.
- I submitted a research proposal to ICMR call on Reproducible AI in health
2022 January :
- I have started teaching the course ECN-614 Adaptive Signal Processing at IIT Roorkee. The target students are M.Tech and Ph.D scholars
2021 December :
- Mr. Dhanunjay Reddy ( joined as a Ph.D student and started to work under my guidance.
2021 November :
- I delivered a keynote lecture on “Advanced Sensors for Brain Computer Interfaces” at the FDP on Advances in Control systems and Sensor Technologies -IIIT Pune.
- I have taken Mr. Sanjeev K Varun as my doctoral student. He works in the area of Machine Learning and Brain Computer Interfaces. He can be reached at
- Dr. Tharun and his team members Vartika Gupta, Swapnil Singh and Prof. Vipul Arora won the Neuroergonomics Grand Challenge for Passive BCI Results of competition are available at : Results
2021 September :
- We submitted a research proposal to Ministry of Home Affairs on Brain Forensics
2021 August :
- I have joined IIT Roorkee as an Assistant Prof. I am teaching the course EC-391 Technical communication for 3rd year ECE UG students.
- Dr. Tharun delivered a keynote lecture on “Brain Computer Interfaces” at FDP on Machine and Deep learning- opportunities in Industry and Research held at MSRIT, Bangalore.
- I am an advisory board member of COER-ICAIA-2022 (IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications)
2020 August- 2021 March:
International BCI Competition winner 2021 :
- I served as the team-leader of the only three teams from India winning in three out of five tracks of the prestigious International Brain Computer Interface competition 2021
- 1st position in microsleep detection
- In this work as part of track-1 event, we try to decode imagined motor movements using few-shot learning
- In this work as part of track-2 event, we try to decode micro-sleep events in drivers using transfer learning
- In this work as part of track-5 event, we try to decode P-300 ERPs during walking
- Special emphasis is put on accuracy of decoding and final kappa/ROC curve
2020 Jun -August:
Clinical BCI challenge for Hemi-paretic patients:
- Implemented with Prof. Laxmidhar Behera, Prof. Vipul Arora and group for Clinical BCI challenge 2020, WCCI, Glasgow, UK. Our team i-BCI ranked no. 2 in the final score-board
- In this work, we try to decode imagined motor movements of Hemi-paretic stroke patients
Specific contributions are:
- Development of non-Euclidean signal processing methods for both cross-subject and within-subject challenges
- Special emphasis is put on accuracy of decoding and final kappa score

Contact me:

Dr. Tharun Kumar Reddy Bollu
Assistant Professor
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
IIT Roorkee